Flaminia Type System


Flaminia is a 2008 opensource project started as a Master Degree Thesis by Andrea Bergamini, an Italian graphic designer annoyed by the chaotic and poorly designed road signage system in his country. The leading idea was that tests taken in real-life conditions are the only way to validate the design of a font to be used for signage and that the final solution should always come from all of the modifications derived by those experiments.

These considerations led to the design of Flaminia, a typographical system that allows its users and its future designers to quickly morph (through the use of Multiple Master axes) different variants of the glyphs. By allowing minimal changes of only one variable in the letter shapes, Flaminia also provides a tool to study which are the most relevant factors in the process of reading signs, and can be used free of charge for further researches in this field.

You can download the font for free here.



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