Pioneers of Modern Type


Herbert Spencer Pioneers of Modern Typography has been the encyclopedia of Avant Guarde typography for many decades. Featuring such inspirational pioneers as, El Lissitzky, Theo van Doesburg, Alexander Rodchenko, Jan Tschichold. The book documents the rise of this movement from the the publication of Marinetti’s Futurist manifesto, to New Typography.

It features 161 b/w and color work reproductions from the beginnings of the twentieth-century avant-garde typography movement. They are often simplified to two of three tones which enables the form to come to life on the page, but are printed on a variety of paper stocks.

Spencer knows the subject of modern typography well. He was the editor of Typographica, The Penrose Annual, art director of Lund Humphries (the publisher of the book), and a professor of graphic arts at the Royal College of Art from the late 70s to mid 80s. This book is a journey into the world of modern typography with Spencer at the helm.

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