Slide® font by Alexander Nedelev is his second attempt in font/typeface making, and actually took him around 4 months to complete. The idea for this font came out from a logo hed had to design for a fashion store called “addicted”, thinking that there are no thin and tall fonts expressing the finnesse and beauty of the fashion industry. He is currently developing a cyrillic version of it with the hopes to be releasing it soon. View more of his work at Behance.



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  1. Slide is a very beautiful typeface. Congratulations. I am a type designer
    and originally created fonts from using ruling pens and compasses. Yes the olden days.Again a fantastic looking typeface.
    Bradley H. Olsen-Ecker

  2. Bradley H. Olsen-Ecker on October 5th, 2009 at 8:21 pm

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