Thinkdust was founded in 2005 by Alex Haigh. They are a young dynamic studio, with a fierce passion for design. Their approach is simple, work closely with their clients to create big ideas, clearly communicated, and beautifully executed. Creative output moves seamlessly between online and offline media, creating award winning work for some of the world’s most respected brands. Every project is treated as an opportunity to produce “our best work”. This mentality allows them to do what they do best, constantly challenge problems in order to conceptually break boundaries.

Hiruko is a 15 strong fully designed type family. Typically a sans-serif it contains over 15 individual weights and supports all european languages. Each weight contains over 256 characters and is fully technically developed. You can preview and buy the typeface at HypeForType.

BAQ Rounded is the first ever fully developed type family I designed. It’s as technically pleasing, as it is aesthetically. Available in Solid and Outline each weight contains over 256 unique characters. This fat and chunky typeface is perfect for all European languages. You can preview and buy the typeface at HypeForType.

Miyagi is the Miyagi is a tribute to Yagi Link Double which was designed originally by Robert Trogman for Facsimile Fonts in the 70s. Yagi Link Double having appeared in various letraset catalogues was never created digitally for release. Miyagi pays tribute and has been fully produced with alternate character sets for multi language uses. As an all time classic, it still looks as modern today as it did almost 40 years ago. The typeface itself is fully produced in 256 character sets for each weight with precise kerning, upper and lowercase plus alternates. You can preview and buy the typeface at HypeForType.





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