Fracmetrica Black

Fracmetrica Black - a free geometric blackletter crated by jakob runge

»Fracmetrica Black« is a geometric and modern blackletter. It’s construction is bases on an isometric 60°-grid. It’s kind of condensed and a display font only. The font comes with several opentype-features like ligatures, case-sensitives, text figures.

photography of wall and layout tabel were the fraktur typefac 'fracetrica' was created

A Photography of wall and layout-tabel were the typeface was created by Jakob Runge.

This Typeface is free for non-commercial use. For further use, please contact the author – mailing back a peace of work designed with this font would be really nice!

Availabe at

glyph table of all characters of 'fracmetrica black'

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  1. Amazing look. Geometric and calligraphic at the same time, beautiful. can see this being used for some really nice grid based type illustrations. Good work!

  2. Alec Schmidt on July 12th, 2010 at 5:49 am

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