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Website: http://www.resistenza.es
Profile: Hi, I’m Giuseppe Salerno aka Resistenza.es, an Italian graphic designer, specializing in web design, currently living and working in Valencia, Spain. I’ve spent more than 13 years working in creative design. I have been working in Torino, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Valencia. I’ve studied graphic design and multimedia and as soon as I finished I went to work for a great art director in Torino, Simona Alborno. I learned a lot working with her, especially in print design. But my experience at Artmiks in Amsterdam was the best! I was there for almost a year seeing every creative project that came out of the agency… it was just incredible. And of course Tierra Virtual – Valencia was the best place to optimize my knowledge. In the last few months I have been working on some new Fonts, and doing some calligraphy.

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